What is Swedish massage? Benefits of swedish massage?

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Today I would like to share to you about what is Swedish Massage?
What is the benefit of swedish massage?
Let’s take a look at the following article!

Massage is a method of health care that is not too strange for us. Over thousands of years massage has been spread widely all over the world. Each country, every medical background has different massage development orientations, but in general, strives towards the benefits of mental health and longevity. One of the types of massage that is paying much attention to because of its special feature, called Swedish Massage. Let’s refer to the article to understand more about this massage method.

You know, Swedish massages and other types of massage therapies are mostly based on Swedish massage, which will be done by trained and trained technicians, in addition to the This technician must also be licensed to practice massage therapy.

1. Why is it called Swedish Massage?

Swedish body massage was initiated by Swedish physicist Henri Peter Ling in the early 19th century. He developed a system called “Health Fitness” that included movements performed by doctors. specialist.

This method was later known as the “Swedish movement” in Europe and the “Therapeutic Swedish Movement” when they arrived in the US in 1858. Today, we call this the Swedish Massage.

The difference compared to regular massage is that Swedish massage is much softer, mainly using techniques of massage, rubbing and tapping on the muscular area, suitable for people who cannot bear the pain. Often used with essential oils to comfort the mind, increasing the effectiveness of massage.

2. How does Swedish massage work:

linda healing
Swedish body massage often uses long strokes in combination with kneading and squeezing massage, pressing the muscles on the body softly and gently. The feature of this massage series is to use the force of the palm of your hand in combination with the aroma of plant-scented essential oils to transfer heat to your body, you will feel comfortable, reduce stress and reduce the body’s fatigue. tired.

Before the massage, the technician will ask you about any injuries or other issues that person should know. What you need to say to the technician is the area of ​​angina or pain, allergies, or pregnancy. You can also tell them the level of light or your favorite scent or music so the technician can meet your relaxation needs.

After consultation, the technician will guide you how to lie in bed – face up or face down, covered with a towel or cover, the technician will ask permission before touching the body of the friend.

In cases where your body needs to be well cared for in a particular area, for example, you are having a headache, neck and neck pain or lumbar pain, then you can ask a technician to take care of you. closer to these areas. Some spas also include individual body care services into the menu, so you can choose from more massage treatments to suit your needs.

After the powerful movements of Swedish body massage, your body will be completely relaxed, remove pressure, gently stimulate the muscle tendon system to work well, increase blood to the brain.

Note: the cost of a Swedish massage will vary, depending on whether you go to the spa, the hotel spa, or massage. Swedish massage rates will also depend on the country you live in and the luxury of the spas.

3. Costumes when Swedish massage

When Swedish massage, you only wear underwear (usually paper panties) under a towel or sheet. The technician will massage each part of the body in turn according to the spa procedure, where to do it will reveal the body there, when done, then use a towel to cover that part.

4. Uses of Swedish body massage

Swedish body massage is a harmonious combination of essential energy and virtuosity of massage techniques, helping to dispel fatigue, giving you the best relaxing moment. In addition, Swedish massage also has the following uses:

– Beauty skin
– Restoring health, strengthening immune system, increasing resistance
– Relieve muscle tension, muscle contraction, relieve muscle aches
– Good effect for headaches, back pain
– Eliminate and prevent toxins in the body
– Enhance the flow of white blood cells
– Eliminate excess fat

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