1. Pain relief: Massage therapy can help alleviate muscle tension and reduce pain in various parts of the body.

2. Stress reduction: Getting a massage can help lower stress levels and promote relaxation.

3. Improved circulation: Massage can help improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

4. Enhanced immune function: Regular massages have been shown to boost the immune system and help the body fight off illnesses.

5. Better sleep: Massage therapy can help promote better sleep by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

6. Increased range of motion: Massage can help improve flexibility and range of motion in the muscles and joints.

7. Faster recovery from injuries: Massage therapy can help speed up the healing process for injuries by promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation.

8. Overall well-being: Regular massages at Angel Spa can contribute to a sense of overall well-being and improved quality of life. 

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic technique that targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Physically, this type of massage can help release chronic muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. By working on specific problem areas, deep tissue massage can help restore the body’s natural alignment and promote increased mobility and flexibility. Emotionally, deep tissue massage can also have a profound impact. The release of tension and stress from the body can lead to a sense of relaxation and overall well-being. The physical relief provided by deep tissue massage can also lift emotional burdens and promote a positive outlook on life. Overall, deep tissue massage at Angel Spa can help restore the body both physically and emotionally, leaving individuals feeling rejuvenated and balanced. 




Eric first met Linda at a chiropractor’s office in Newport Beach in 2002, and has been dedicated to following her and receiving her massages weekly ever since. Linda’s idea to use her knees for the massage technique to provide more targeted effective relief for her Eric.

By using her knees, Linda was able to apply more pressure and focus on specific areas of tension and pain such as the deep nerve pain underneath Eric’s hip. This innovative approach allowed her to address his sciatica in a way that traditional massage techniques may not have been able to do. Linda’s creativity and willingness to try new methods ultimately led to the successful treatment of Eric’s long-standing pain. Eric was amazed at the new massage technique that Linda, owner of Angel Spa, had innovated for him. It was a game-changer for him after suffering from sciatica for so long. Using her knees instead of her hands, Linda was able to target the nerve pain deep underneath Eric’s hip and provide him with much-needed relief. This innovative approach not only helped Eric sleep better but also finally rid him of the pain he had been enduring for 15 years.

Linda’s dedication to her customers and her commitment to finding new and effective ways to meet their needs was truly inspiring. Her willingness to think outside the box and constantly massage techniques showed just how much she cared about the well-being of her clients. Thanks to her creative solution, Eric’s life was changed for the better, and he was grateful to have found such a caring and dedicated massage therapist in Linda at Angel Spa. 

Tennis’ Elbow & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Angel Spa specialized in alleviating the pain of the Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s elbow, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Massage therapy can help treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow by promoting circulation, relieving inflammation, aiding in the removal of metabolic residues, and soothing irritated muscles and tendons.
  • Angel Spa uses deep tissue and friction in their massage because it’s an effective method of easing tennis elbow and healing it much faster than rest alone. Deep tissue massage will enhance circulation and by combining this with friction therapy to the tendons on the elbow joint, positive results are seen and it helps mobilize the forearm extensor muscles.
  • Thousands of our clients have had success using massage for Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and be able to rid themselves of the condition altogether. Not needed for surgery or any kind of medical treatment after getting the therapy done from Angel Spa.
  • If you feel a tingle of sensation and create pain in the shoulder after a sports session, or even from work, that develops over time, this can be an indicator your Tennis’ Elbow & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is developing into a more serious condition.
  • Pain can start near the shoulder and travel down, or start at the elbow and travel toward the shoulder mainly affecting the shoulder and the elbow, but tendinitis may also have an impact on wrist, hip, knee and ankle. Tendinitis can occur due to a sudden injury to the nearby structures of a joint, or overuse of joints.

Angel Spa is the number #1 place treating injury, pain, or even stress. Angel Spa the best massage place on earth! 

  • Tennis elbow is a pain focused on the outside of the arm, where your forearm meets your elbow. It’s related to a muscle and tendons in your forearm. Tendons connect your muscles to your bones. The sooner you treat it, the better you get.
  • Meet our CERTIFIED Tennis Elbow Specialist team at Angel Spa that are specialized in treating Tennis Elbow & Shoulder pain. Angel Spa is dedicated to learning the ins and outs of how to treat this kind of pain with a single therapy session. Our new therapy technique is to use heat and apply pressure directly on the joint, tendon, and pressure points to stimulate the nerve and push the pain away. Maximize the potential of our therapy for our clients. So, we give top-notch service every time when clients come.
  • Tennis Elbow & Shoulder pain is a common injury that will usually heal with proper treatment and technique. We are here to help and certified Angel Spa giving you the best massage that we offer.

Sciatic Pain Massage

  • The sessions are meant to relieve pain and tight muscles of the back, hip, and outer side of the leg caused by the spinal nerve root in the lower back.
  • This massage would not be the same as a Swedish massage would, but you will likely leave with the feeling of muscles and joints being loose and refreshed.
  • Each pain point may be pressed, massaged, and stretched, sometimes requiring you to actively participate in stretching or other movements/techniques.

What are the benefits of Sciatic Pain massage?

Sciatica Pain Massages release the tightest areas of your body, helping to relieve recurring pain, improve range of motion, posture, and alignment, and also help with athletic performance and acute pain from injuries or accidents.

Trigger Point Massage is the best and most Natural Way to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain and an effective way to relieve neck & lower back pain!

“Trigger-point massage therapy is the best way to relieve pain points like sciatica, neck & lower back.” said the CEO of Angel Spa Massage.

The sciatic nerve sits underneath a muscle called the piriformis, which is located beneath the glutes. “When the piriformis muscle gets tight, it pinches the sciatic nerve, causing tingling and numbness down into the leg, as well as in muscles in the lower back and glutes.

Typically, we can schedule treatments 7 to 10 days apart. We have been helping thousands of clients that had sciatic nerve pain in the past ten years to feel better, relieve pain, be able to sleep at night time and reduce using drugs and save lots of time and money as well.

 Massage Treatment For Whiplash

Massage is the most effective treatment for whiplash to increase mobility and restore full range of motion.

If you have been having muscle tension or pain in your in neck, shoulders or lower back, you are likely experiencing the effects of whiplash. You do not have to feel this way forever!

Massage for Whiplash is the best way to restore your muscles to full function and health. 

The massage therapist uses a method called cross-fiber friction that works counter to the direction of the muscle to loosen adhesions and decrease scar tissue buildup and we use strokes and stretches in the primary area of injury to reduce muscle tension.

Reflexology Relieve Headaches and Tired Eyes 

Massage the hands and feet, contain reflexology points that correspond to the entire body, including the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sinuses.

You don’t need a prescription for massage, so if you feel pain in a particular area, our trained therapists will press their hand into the specific pain point  for about 10 seconds with medium pressure to release the pains.

We use our thumbs to press under your eyebrows, starting at the inside corner of each eye socket and gently move the thumbs in tiny circles, working slowly towards the outsides of your eyebrows this movement all around your eyes and ending back at the bridge of your nose to relieve tired eyes

    If you are suffering from chronic pain, headache, tightness in the neck, back, legs, arms, or shoulders, a deep tissue massage can transform your life and alleviate much pain and anxieties.

   Massage provides relief for sore muscles, increases flexibility, and addresses issues from overuse, physical activity, and muscle strain. A good massage will help you to restore your strength make you feel good and ready to face your day!

A Deep Tissue Massage on your feet can restore your energy and drastically alleviate pain and change your life!

We use slow and firm techniques to reach the deepest layers of tissue and fascia to remove knots and pain all over your body. 


Jet Lag Massage/ After Travel

 Massage is the most effective way to say goodbye to Jet Lag! Massages work so well with Jet Lag because it rest the body after travel! Jet Lag disrupts the body and makes it hard to rest at times you can even feel pain and nausea. Getting a massage is a solution to make your body feel energized, and feel alive again.

We use Hot stones to soften the skin while incorporating hand massage; hot stones are gently placed on the body for deep relaxation after travel. Heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain. Massages will rapidly relax tight muscles, ease stiffness, increase circulation, and increase flexibility and range of motion.