Top 5 best massage essential oils today

About massage oil

Essential oil is a liquid form containing gentle fragrance compounds extracted from plant parts. The aroma of essential oils gives users the feeling of relaxation, comfort, dispel stress, fatigue. Especially effective for health treatment and smooth skin care are the benefits that cannot be ignored when talking about essential oils.

Along with its volatile properties at room temperature, combined with massaging, body massage creates a quality solution for modern life today.

Massage oils are often chosen by the oils that have a fairly gentle aroma, pleasant scent, have a good effect in stimulating blood circulation, soothe the nerves to bring relaxation, comfort after hours working tired, stressful, and help the skin smooth, healthy and firmer.

massage oil

Massage oils are quite diverse so you can choose the appropriate type depending on the purpose of your use: facial massage, foot massage or body massage.

There are too many user preferences for body massage with essential oils. So the question that many people ask is: Why should use body massage oils and body massage oils really good?

Is body massage oil good?

The amazing uses of the perfect combination of body massage and essential oil use have been proven through positive feedback from those who have experienced it. To put it simply, it would be a combination of the familiar effects of “massage” and “essential oil”.

Massage, also known as body massage, has long been considered an extremely effective therapeutic solution. Gentle massage movements will directly stimulate each receptor cell on the body, creating a sense of excitement and optimism. Psychological balance, fatigue reduction, stress, stress are the most frequently mentioned effects of massage.

The force of massage from the hands helps the points in the body to be released, circulating blood easily, reducing dizziness, dizziness, bringing you to sleep faster and sleep better. In addition to reducing the pain of musculoskeletal joints, back pain of knee pain is very effective, often applied in the treatment of osteoarthritis diseases.

In particular, massage also helps women possess skin that is full of shine and bright, smoother.

The effect of body massage oil

Essential oils will act as essences to increase the effectiveness of the massage process. It is the pure natural scents that the essential oil brings will be one of the great factors that bring a relaxed state, much more pleasant. Essential oils help you regain essential energy for the body, giving you a feeling of full vitality every day. In addition, nutrients contained in essential oils with effective anti-aging, anti-oxidant effect, increase moisture for radiant skin.

The most popular massage body oils today

Each day passes with long chains of work and heavy pressure is every day you need to find a massage with essential oils. There are many types of essential oils that are produced with different effects and preferences. But to find a massage essential oil that best suits your passion, please refer to the 5 most popular massage essential oils that we have compiled below:

Rose essential oil


Not too strange for believers who enjoy the aroma of essential oils, rose massage oil always gives users the impression of attraction right from the first use.

Rose essential oil is extracted from 100% rose to meet the standards of organic acids and antioxidants to help penetrate deep inside, promote the effects of skin care and improve health.

The passionate, seductive scent is aristocratic and luxurious, which is probably the fragrance that cannot be mixed with any other essential oils of rose oil.

Massage with rose oil is an effective solution for the process of improving blood circulation, dilating blood vessels under the skin, eliminating toxins for the body, giving you a relaxed spirit, relieving stress to have better sleeps and deeper sleeps.

With nutrients completely from pure nature, rose oil has the effect of tightening the pores, preventing and reducing the phenomena such as melasma, freckles, dark skin, acne-prone skin. , … deep moisturizing from the inside, anti-aging skin to bring the skin tight, smooth, full of vitality.

Regulating menstruation, reducing spasms, aching joints, sciatica, … are the effects that rose essential oil massage can bring to the user.

If you are looking for an essential oil that both meets the seductive scent and has a comprehensive effect, rose massage oil is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Lavender massage oil

Lavender massage oil

If you could afford an award for the world’s leading essential oil, perhaps lavender oil is the most worthy of that prize.

For many decades, lavender essential oil has never disappointed customers about its ultimate effects, especially in favor of the name “relaxing essential oil”, which speaks for a bit. great of this essential oil.

One of the pleasant, soothing and enchanting scents most users, including those who are less likely to love the scent, may be the scent from lavender essential oil.

Reducing stress, anxiety, fatigue, quickly improving migraines, insomnia, returning a cheerful, excited and energetic spirit, which are familiar effects when mentioning names lavender oil.

In addition, when being massage with lavender essential oil, the skin wounds are quickly healed, cared for and provided essential nutrients for the skin, alleviating a lot of muscle pain, rheumatism, pain. belt. For women, when experiencing menstrual cramping pain, using a little lavender essential oil and gently massage on the lower abdomen, you will immediately feel the obvious analgesic effect of this essential oil. .

Olive massage essential oil

Olive massage essential oil

One of the easiest massage essential oils to find in kitchens is olive oil.

Olive oil is known to be one of nature’s oils with a chemical structure quite similar to the oil structure on the skin. Therefore, the outstanding skin care effect that this essential oil brings is understandable.

With all the antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins found in olive oil, the massage with olive oil will have a great effect in anti-aging skin, accelerate the skin regeneration process, balance. moisture from deep inside, protects skin from pollution and harmful elements from the environment, … gives you firm, smooth and radiant skin.

If you are not familiar with the aroma of olive oil, you can combine it with other essential oils to fully enjoy the wonderful things of this essential oil.

Getting a bottle of olive oil right away will be essential to your daily skin care routine.

Coconut massage essential oil

Coconut massage essential oil

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about coconut, about coconut oil, somewhat rustic and simplistic but things are not simple that this essential oil brings the body when combined with massage, surely Not everyone has heard of it.

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, with a thin texture, easily penetrating deep into the structure of each cell of the skin, increasing the cohesion between cells, creating cohesion, elasticity. Good for the skin, creating appropriate moisture for the skin, anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from the ravages of the sun and nourishing firm, healthy skin.

In addition, the combination of massage with coconut oil helps the body to circulate blood, increase blood circulation and relieve stress, discomfort and fatigue everyday.

Another impressive plus point for coconut oil is that the time to use is relatively long if properly preserved, along with quite reasonable price for every family, so the increasing prevalence of coconut oil in the market is inevitable. .

Jojoba massage essential oil

Tinh dầu massage Jojoba

If you want to ask about a massage oil that is long-lasting and suitable for people who do not use it regularly, the answer is definitely Jojoba massage oil.

With a special waxy texture, less volatile than liquid essential oils, so it can be used for long periods without worrying about being damaged quickly.

Originating from a shrub in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico, Jojoba essential oil quickly gained the love of many beauty-loving women worldwide thanks to its skincare effect. its outstanding results.

Jojoba essential oil is reminiscent of the ability to moisturize the skin, tighten pores, prevent aging and wrinkles, darken the skin, remove dirt on the skin, contribute to preventing the formation process. acne, bring bright white skin, radiant youthful.

Massage gently with Jojoba essential oil, you will quickly get refreshed, relaxed and more comfortable.

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