Angel Spa


Founder’s Message:

Angel Spa was founded by Linda Angel who is an expert in medical field and has become a significant outlier; expert in the health and healing field, having put more than 45,000 hours of study and practice in her work.

Additionally, she has trained hundreds of hours training  from the Board Certified Doctors learning how to alleviate pains without using drugs or surgeries.

Our mission:

 Linda Angel’s mission is to create a heavenly place for healing, to be free of pains, and helping to alleviate your pains and stress which become an obstacle to enjoying your life! She believes that without pains, you will be able to enjoy life the way you want it.

We have people come to us over and over to help them with their

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Jet Lag from travel
  • Exhaustion from too much work or lack of sleep
  • Getting back into shape
  • Skin issues such as acne

Our massage is geared toward alleviating these issues and to give our customers new energy for a life that leads to more happiness and better relationships with their loved ones. We will help you build confidence in your lovely body. 




What makes us Special?


All of our therapists are experts in massage therapy. Each has 10,000+ hours in practice and training. They are state-licensed, with clean backgrounds, speak English, are beautiful and skillful, and have also received additional training from Certified State Board Doctors learning how to MELT your pain away!

You are surely in good hands. We don’t just offer a regular massage, we provide you with massages that customers have told us helped them with or helped them completely vanish such pains and brought happiness back to their lives!

We have had thousands of loyal customers SINCE 1999. Our customers trusted us and they keep coming back for more.

When you get to FEEL our trusted touch, all of your pains will MELT away!

Widen your smile every day!


Our Spa Establishments are Exquisite, Luxurious  and we always maintain the high levels of cleanliness, safety, and disinfection.

As you step in our exquisite spa, all stress will melt away. Our peaceful, respective environment surrounds you with feeling of upstanding, spotless, and luxurious comfort.

Leaving your stress behind is to get a better life ! 


Terminal Disinfection is a daily deep cleaning at our establishment to ensure a spotless environment for our customers.

  We clean and sanitize the floor, all massage tables, shelves, cabinets, sinks and tops. 

We use disinfectant solution to wipe all overhead lights, massage bottles, door knob, and equipment.

  We wash wall surfaces with disinfectant solution  We damp wipe and sanitize all furnishings and other equipments including all wheels and casters throughout the day.



We’ll take your pain away and put a smile on your face!

Our staff team here at Angel Spa is full of skilled licensed therapists, all with over 10,000+ hours of practice, and multiple years of experience, so that you can rest assured that you are getting the service you deserve.

Our Massage Packages start at 20 minutes, and can go as long as all day! All appointment are entirely spent in our exquisite luxurious spa room. We also take care of all the behind the scenes logistics so you don’t have to worry about anything!   

We all make sure that you have a clean and comfortable environment during your massage here at Angel Spa. We use new sheets and towels after every customer, before and even after your massage to make sure all the conditions are perfect!

Our Team Has You Covered

         We ‘ll listen to your needs, your ideas, set your budget, customize your massage the way you want it, and help you make them happen by providing the greatest massage of your life!

         No need to worry about anythings, our well trained staff will make sure everything will be smooth!

       Our staff is comprised of dozens of extremely hard working, trained, diligent, loyal, passionate members that work carefully to keep everything running smoothly. From keeping things clean, assisting with set up, to providing an excellent customer experience, the staff members are the real magic at Angel Spa 

Why choose us?

     Choosing us is a step forward leaving your stress behind! Our Trusted Touch will MELT your pain away and widen your smile everyday.

Feel the luxurious energy! 

     We offer high quality massage treatment  that will bring you great comfort, and relaxation, and help alleviate your aches and pains.